Harry Potter Party Ideas

Tons of Harry Potter party ideas with lots of printables to make it easy to use these ideas yourself.

Harry Potter party ideas for easy decor. Throw an amazing Harry Potter birthday party like you are a Wizard from Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Party Ideas

Throw an amazing Harry Potter birthday party with all of these Harry Potter party ideas. My friend and I recently threw a Harry Potter themed party for our gourmet dinner club that we take turns hosting. This theme was SO FUN. The hardest part was probably combing through ideas and modifying them to work for us. We’ve also simplified a lot of the Harry Potter party ideas by adding our own free printables so you don’t have to go to all of the work that we did. Have fun!

Harry Potter Book Covers Free Printables. Print these for your Harry Potter Hogwarts themed party for easy decor. Fun and cheap Harry Potter decorations.

Print these Harry Potter book covers and wrap them around the spine of a book. Done.

DIY Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 with free printable! Make your own walk through platform for about $5

Make this DIY Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 or purchase the brick fabric. This was probably my favorite decor at our party.

Harry Potter themed I spy activity page with text overlay- free printable I Spy Harry Potter

This Harry Potter I Spy game is a great activity to have handy at your party.

Harry Potter Educational Decrees free printable proclamations. Perfect birthday party or Halloween decorations. From book 5 the Order of the Phoenix.

Print and hang these Harry Potter Educational Decrees.

Harry Potter party photobooth easy DIY for only $1. Use our free printables, some glue, and a poster board to make this Sirius Black sign for your Harry Potter theme party.

This Harry Potter Photobooth is cheap and easy. You basically just have to print out the images we designed and glue them onto a poster board.

Harry Potter Banner Free Printable Decor. Harry Potter Hogwarts icon banner for party decor , bedroom decor or birthday party decorations. #papertraildesign #harrypotter #hogwarts #harrypotterdecor

I made This Harry Potter banner after the party but I definitely love it and would have used it.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Letter DIY free printable. Make a letter with Hedwig to Hogwarts for an 11th birthday. #papertraildesign #hogwarts #hogwartsletter #hogwartsacceptanceletter #hedwig

Customize your own Harry Potter acceptance letter. We added the names of our guests to the letter and changed the date to the date of our party. We also added the address under the signature line.

Harry Potter themed potion bottle labels on a black and grey background with text overlay- free printable Harry Potter Potion Labelss

Print these Harry Potter potion labels and glue them onto some bottles!

Best Harry Potter Gift Ideas. From Hogwarts to platform 9 3/4 to Gryffindor to muggles, find unique gifts that every Harry Potter lover will adore.

Harry Potter merchandise is so much fun. I spent hours and hours combing amazon for some of The Best Harry Potter Gift Ideas.

Harry Potter Hogwarts House Banners DIY for under $1 each. Make these simple banners for a Harry Potter theme party with felt, sticks or dowels, printed paper and glue.

These Hogwarts house banners were simple to make. Just use black felt and cut out the printable pictures to glue onto the felt. Our friends thought we had ordered them online and didn’t even notice that they were paper.

Harry Potter muggle card

Harry Potter Printable Cards

Harry Potter Christmas Decor Banner. This easy DIY Harry Potter Happy Christmas banner is perfect for a Harry Potter Christmas Party. Happy Christmas Harry Potter.

If your Harry Potter party is a Christmas party then this Harry Potter Christmas banner is perfect!


We collected old bottles including Rootbeer bottles, Tabasco, Franks hot sauce, and some from the dollar tree. We printed these free printable labels from Over the Big Moon onto parchment paper.

Visit Brittany @ Paper Trail Design’s profile on Pinterest.


To glue the labels onto the bottles I used this elmers spray adhesive. This stuff is THE BEST. One of my kid’s teachers once asked me to glue A TON of papers together. It would have taken a couple of hours but instead I threw out drop cloth down and sprayed them all and I was done in 10 minutes. I’ve considered giving this to my kids’ teachers all as gifts because it would same them so much time. It’s also great because it adheres better to things like glass.


We found two-packs of fake candles and a hula hoop at the dollar store. Then we hung a hula hoop around the chandelier and hung the candles using clear thread like this (you could also use fishing line) to hang the candles from the hula hoop and chandelier to make floating candles above your table!


For our Harry Potter party we also thought these Lumos & Nox labels were a fun touch to add to the light switches. We burned the edges of the paper to give it a more magical look.


There are a handful of proclamation educational decrees, wanted posters, daily prophets, and miscelaneous fun signs that we decided to print onto parchment paper and burn the edges before hanging on the wall with painters tape rolled up. Tip: parchment paper is a lot cheaper on amazon here.


In the bathroom we couldn’t decide between Moaning Myrtle or the Ministry of Magic so we just went with both.


It was also a fun touch to add “The chamber of secrets has been opened. Mudbloods beware!” to the the mirror in the bathroom.

Visit Brittany @ Paper Trail Design’s profile on Pinterest.


And some leftover spiders from Halloween and a reminder to “just follow the spiders” was fun and made everyone shudder.


If you have a reindeer for your yard at Christmastime you can turn it into a doe for the occasion. “Always.”


We used book pages from a Harry Potter book we found at Salvation Army to decorate down the table and we set brooms made of twigs on top. In the middle of our table was a lantern made into a cage with a stuffed owl inside.

Harry Potter House Banners Free Printable. Hogwarts Crest printable. Hogwarts house banner pennant or Hogwarts signs are fun Harry Potter party decorations.

These printable Hogwarts house banners are super easy to make. Just print and cut.


On the table we had a few of these sorting hat cootie catchers for our guests to have some fun with.


For our menus we used parchment paper  and printed these marauder’s maps on the outside and on the inside printed our menu for the evening. Tip: parchment paper is a lot cheaper on amazon here.

We had a great Harry Potter party!

Printables from Paper Trail Design are for personal use only.


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Magic potion with gryffindor student standing behind and spellbooks and candles in the foreground with text overlay- Harry Potter party ideas Harry potter party ideas for a Harry potter birthday party with text overlay- free printable Harry Potter ideas

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  2. Where did you find all of the printable educational decrees and daily prophets? I have only been able to find the wanted posters, and I would love to have the rest!

  3. Okay, I’ve started following everybody on Pinterest. I’m very excited to take the time to peruse all the wonderful pins and receive excellent décor ideas from such inspirational individuals!

  4. I really like your floating candles. I did the same, except I made the candle tubes, fishing line, tea lights and hula hoops.. The wedding reception was in a fire station, so the ceilings were really high, a tall stepladder and great help from sons and grandsons handled this problem for me. Each hula hoop was hung onto heavier fishing line and a knot was tied in it to make sure the hoops didn’t move..oh and I wrapped the hula hoops with black streamer paper. I also had remotes for those lights..It was a huge success. A lot more projects were done with tutorials from here.. All very successful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Where did you find all of the printable educational decrees and daily prophets? I have only been able to find the wanted posters, and I would love to have the rest!

    • I spent hours and hours combing the interwebs for all of these posters. I would have saved some of the links but I didn’t think about posting all of that at the time. I have been toying with the idea of making some of the educational decrees for free printables so people can find them all in one place easier than I was able to.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all these resources! Saved us tons of time to throw a great Harry Potter party! So appreciate it. 🙂

    • I’m so glad it helped out Jess! I noticed while planning my party that there are tons of good ideas out there but they are hard to pull off. My goal was to take away all of that work so I’m glad it is working!


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