Harry Potter Party Photobooth Easy DIY

Harry Potter party photobooth easy DIY for only $1. Use our free printables, some glue, and a poster board to make this Sirius Black sign for your Harry Potter theme party.

Harry Potter Party Photobooth Easy DIY

Make this awesome Harry Potter party photobooth for about $1 assuming you have a few basic things already. Here’s what you will need:

  • Poster Board (I got a foam board from the dollar store)
  • A piece of black paper (to frame the window in the photobooth)
  • Glue
  • Our free printbales (find the files to print below)


In order to get the words to print big enough  for this Harry Potter party photobooth I had to print and each word individually and cut them out and glue them. I made another option for non-perfectionists and called it “option 2”. This prints the whole phrase “have you seen this wizard” on one sheet of paper. It won’t be the right size but if you just want to print one sheet and slap it on then there you go.

The bottom half of the sign can be found on the “page 3 printable”. To get that one to look right you’ll need to cut off the bottom two lines that say “Notify immediately by owl the Ministry of Magic – Witch Watchers Dept.” That whole phrase is meant to be one long line across the bottom so you will have to cut that out and glue them in one line.

Print the {Harry Potter Sign page 1} here

Print the {Harry Potter Sign page 2} here


Print the {Harry Potter Sign page 3} here


Print the {Harry Potter Sign page 4} here

Print the {Harry Potter Sign option 2} here

Printables from Paper Trail Design are for personal use only.

To assemble the board

  1. Print pages 1-4
  2. Cut a window in the board. I used a game board box to trace a window to cut and then used and exact-o knife to cut the window.
  3. Cut 3/4 inch strips of black paper and glue them around the window
  4. Cut and assemble the words from the printables on the board
  5. Use the leftover piece from the window to glue the Azkaban Prison sign


You could also purchase this 11×17 Sirius Black movie poster from amazon and just cut a window in the middle and glue it onto a poster board. Or you could buy the poster and hang it as decoration!

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Harry Potter party photobooth easy DIY for only $1. Use our free printables, some glue, and a poster board to make this Sirius Black sign for your Harry Potter theme party.












  1. I love this! We just made ours for my daughter’s Sweet Sixteen Harry Potter party!

    Question- how did you ‘prop it up’ for kids to stand behind it holding the convict #???? I”m stumped!

    • We hung ours with fishing wire from a large doorway. But you could also just glue the convict number to the window so the people in the photo booth don’t have to hold it if that makes sense. So the convict number would just stay attached to the board.

  2. To “prop it up” I just made mine out of a trifold display poster board. 😀
    Thanks for this tutorial!

  3. Any chance you have one that says “woman” instead of “man”? Doing a sleepover for my daughter.

  4. Can I just say thank you so much for posting all these free printables and easy to follow instructions?! You’re a lifesaver for busy mums!

    • Yay! Thanks for saying so Michelle! I’m so glad it’s helping you!

  5. How big was your poster board? I tried & there wasn’t enough room for the words. I used a monopoly box, it seemed a bit thin, what kind of game board did you use?

    • I can’t remember which game I used but if I think I found one the was Roughly the width that I wanted and drew three sides such as the left, bottom, and right side, then moved it up to the height that I wanted and finished the square. Does that make sense?