Lumberjack Party Free Printables

Lumberjack party or baby shower free printables. Throw a great lumberjack themed party and let us do all of the work. 5 coordinating printables.

Lumberjack Party Free Printables

I absolutely love the lumberjack party theme. It’s so fun for a baby shower or first birthday party. I’ve created some fun coordinating printables to make planning your party easy and adorable.

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Lumberjack Invitation Free Printable. Throw a woodsy lumberjack birthday party and use this invitation.

The first thing you need to do for a lumberjack party is invite your guests ans this lumberjack invitation is perfect. But you don’t have to use this as an invitation at all. There is a tutorial in the post on how to customize your invitation. You could also make an art print of your choosing. Have it say something like “chop your wood and it will warm you twice” and then use it as decor for the party.

Lumberjack banner free printable. Print this adorable flannel patterned banner for your party.

This lumberjack banner will make for some easy decor for your lumberjack party. Use some mini clothes pins like these and some jute.

Lumberjack cupcake toppers free printable for your lumberjack themed birthday party or baby shower. Print these and our other free printables to add easy decor to your party.

Make some cupcakes for the party and throw these lumberjack cupcake toppers on top by attaching them to a toothpick although it might be easier to attach them to these party forks. These unbleached brown cupcake liners would be the perfect color to match the rustic lumberjack look.


Lumberjack water bottle wrappers free printable. Print these labels for your lumberjack birthday party or baby shower or woodsy wedding.

Add some decor and hydrate your guests with these water lumberjack water bottle wrappers.

Lumberjack food labels or name cards free printable. Adorable lumberjack decor for your birthday party, baby shower, or woodsy wedding.

Use these lumberjack food labels as food labels, name cards, or use them to give directions to your guests such as “please sign in”. I absolutely love these wood card holders for displaying them. Of course if you used them you would need to fold the cards in half first.

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Lumberjack party or baby shower free printables. Throw a great lumberjack themed party and let us do all of the work. 5 coordinating printables.


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  1. It is so refreshing to see FREE and have it actually be free and easily accessible without having to jump through a bunch of hoops and sign away your first born to receive the files! THANK YOU!!!

    • Hi Katee. I didn’t have a color printer for a while and I would send the files to office depot or bring them in on a jump/thumb drive. They cost about $.60 per color print which I found to be a decent price. I’m not sure what it cost at other print places but they would work too.


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