Free Printable Valentine: Goonies Quote


I might be a small Goonies fan. As proof here’s a picture of me dressed up as Mikey at the Goonies 30th Anniversary. This valentine doesn’t fit the mold of anything else that I’ve created for this blog but it had to be done. If you aren’t a Goonies fan, you can find regular Joe valentines here. But if you are, high five, isn’t this awesome? I’ve created a printable so you can hand these out on Valentine’s Day. Or you could just throw it up on your facebook or Instagram or whatever. But your significant other will be swept of their feet with mad affection for you if you give this to them. Nothing but romance is spoken in these words.


Print the {Your Voice is Kinda Nice Goonies Cards} here

Print the {Your Looks are Kinda Pretty Goonies Cards} here


15 DIY free printable no candy valentines. Print these Valentine's Day cards for a school valentine party exchange. Great DIY printable valentines.

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