Chapstick Card Free Printable “You’re the Balm”

Add lip balm or chapstick to this you’re the balm card for the best appreciation or thank you card.

Chapstick Card Free Printable. Great valentine, teacher gift, Fathers Day card, Mother's Day card, or appreciation gift. #papertraildesign #valentine #appreciation #teacherappreciation

Chapstick Card Free Printable “You’re the Balm”

I love this chapstick card free printable. The chapstick card is a great teacher gift for Christmas or the end of the year or the like. It can act as a valentine to give out on Valentine’s day and it’s especially nice for older kids who are starting to grow out of valentines. Lip balm is just a little bit more grown up. But this is also great for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, end of the season coaches gifts, a nice pick me up for a friend. It’s a versatile cute little gift. You can do cheap chapstick for things like valentine, or you can get something nice for a teacher gift or the like.

Here are a few ideas:

Print the You’re the Balm Chapstick Card using the link below

You’re the Balm Card

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Now you need a ton of lip balm right? Get this Chap Ice Lip Balm (24 pack) for less than $.50 each. (Price subject to change).

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I was recently asked what paper would work well with these cards. I think this cardstock would be perfect. It is inexpensive and it is thick enough to get the job done and look great but thin enough to work well with home printers.


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You're the balm cards with text overlay- free printable you're the balm card You're the balm card with chapstick taped to it with text overlay- free printable you're the balm card you're the balm card with burts bee's chapstick with text overlay- free printable you're the balm card Valentine you're the balm card with chapstick with text overlay- free printable you're the balm card

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