Ten Frame Printables

Use our ten frame printables to help students to understand numbers in a base ten framework.

Ten frame templates and ten frame worksheets with text overlay- free printable ten frames

Ten Frame Printables

Our blank ten frame printables and ten frame worksheets are a cheap and easy way to help kids learn ten frame math. Find the ten frame templates below.

What Is a Ten Frame?

A ten frame is a visual tool for elementary kids learning about numbers, counting, addition and subtraction. The ten frame has two rows of five boxes. Each box can be filled in with a dot or other counter to show a number. Five boxes filled in will be the number five. Our counting system is a base ten system so a ten frame makes it easy to visualize a number between zero and ten.

Why Use a Ten Frame?

A ten frame is a simple inexpensive tool to help students understand see and possibly touch numbers. This can become a sensory activity if you are using blank ten frames with counters to illustrate numbers and problems. This cheap tool can lay a framework for helping students to understand numbers in workable chunks of fives and tens and build a strong number sense.

How to Use a Ten Frame?

Fill in a ten frame box with a counter to represent a number. You can represent an addition problem on the ten frame. For example for 2+3 you would place or draw 5 counters on the ten frame. You could have students draw in the ten frame to represent a number, or to show and addition problem. You could take away counters or cross out counters to represent an subtraction problem. You could place counters on the ten frame and have students come up with an addition problem that is represented by your ten frame.

Free Printable Blank Ten Frame Templates

Single ten frame printable page Double ten frame with two ten frames per page Ten frames three per page printable Ten frames with ten per page printable

Free Printable Ten Frame Worksheets

Ten frame worksheet 1-10 Ten frame worksheet 1-10 randomized Ten frame addition worksheet

For best results, save the image to your computer before printing. I find it easiest to first click on the image to enlarge it, then drag and drop the image to my desktop, then print it from there.

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Various ten frame printables with text overlay- free printable ten frames Blank ten frame printables with text overlay- free printable ten frames Blank ten frames and ten frames worksheets with text overlay- free printable ten frames for math