Menu Plan + Shopping List Free Printable


Menu Plan + Shopping List Free Printable

Menu Planning is probably my least favorite thing to do on the planet. Yes I’m being dramatic but it already takes SO LONG to actually make dinner and clean up afterward. Now I have to spend an hour making a menu plan for the meals for the week?

Yes. The answer is yes because if you don’t spend that hour meal planning you spend at least a half hour staring at an open fridge each night trying to figure out what in the love to make while listening to your stomach growl and fighting the urge to simultaneously order take out and shovel half a bag of chocolate chips into your mouth. Or is that just me? Sigh. I guess I’ll put on my big girl underwear and deal. At least now I’ve got this cute menu plan printable to help me cope.

Now I realize that not everyone starts their menu planning rotation on Sunday. If it doesn’t drive you crazy you could always start on a different day but cycle back to your plan at the beginning of the week at the top of the list.

Menu Plan and Shopping List Free Printable. This is a great free printable to help you with your weekly menu planning.

Print the {Menu Plan + Shopping List} here

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My printer only prints in black and white. I know that’s funny considering I own a website devoted to free printables. But the point is that if you have a color printer I’ve added some blue to the menu and it will be a little cuter than my pictures.


These 5×7 fridge frame magnets on amazon would be a perfect place to put your menu after it is completed and they are super affordable.

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