Free Printable Pride Flags

We’ve created 23 different LGBTQIA+ pride flags that you can print for free and included a short explanation of the different pride flags.

Collection of pride flags that you can print free with text overlay - free printable pride flags

24 Free Printable Pride Flags

This list of LGBTQIA+ pride flags is not exhaustive but we have made an effort to try to cover some of the more commonly used pride flags. In addition the explanations are meant to help understanding of different orientations and gender identities, but just as people’s experiences vary, so do some people’s definitions. If you see an error please reach out and we will do our best to fix or add any missing information. Feel free to print these flags to celebrate pride month or any time throughout the year.

Rainbow Pride Flag

The rainbow pride flag is one of the most well known LGBTQ+ pride flags. The original flag had hot pink and a second blue stripe but hot pink was taken out because hot pink fabric was hard to find and the blue stripe taken out to have an even number of colors.

Rainbow pride flag

Progress Pride Flag

The progress pride flag has evolved with the LGBTQ+ community to include the colors from the trans flag and brown and black stripes from the Philadelphia flag that represent people of color as well as those living with HIV/AIDS.

Progress pride flag

Original Pride Flag

The orignal pride flag had 8 stripes including a pink and a second blue stripe. The original pride flag is also known as the Gilbert Baker pride flag because of the name of it’s creator.

Original pride flag

1978 Pride Flag

In 1978 the pink stripe was omitted from the pride flag for logistic reasons. The pink fabric was expensive and hard to find.

1978 pride flag

Philadelphia Pride Flag

In 2017 the Philadelphia pride flag was created with the added black and blue colors added to represent people of color and intersectionality.

Philadelphia pride flag

Intersex Inclusive Pride Flag

The intersex progress flag adds a yellow stripe with a purple circle to add intersex representation.

Intersex inclusive pride flag

Transgender Pride Flag

The transgender pride flag includes blue and pink stripes resembling baby boy and baby girl colors with the white stripe to include those who are intersex, transitioning, or have not identified their gender.

Transgender pride flag trans pride flag

Lesbian Pride Flag

The lesbian pride flag originally had a lipstick kiss symbol in the top left corner but that was omitted and some stripes where changed to orange to be more inclusive of lesbians that don’t identify with femininity.

Lesbian pride flag

Trans-Inclusive Gay Men’s Pride Flag

The gay men’s pride flag was created so gay men could have a flag of their own rather than be represented solely by the rainbow flag that represents the whole LGBTQ+ community. The flag is inclusive of all gay men.

Trans-Inclusive gay men pride flag

Bisexual Pride Flag

The magenta/pink in the bi flag represents attraction to the same sex and blue attraction to the opposite sex. The purple represents the overlap between the two and attraction regardless of gender or sex.

Bisexual pride flag bi pride flag

Pansexual Pride Flag

The pan pride flag represents those who have attractions to people of different genders and sexualities. Definitions will vary but the pan community generally distinguishes itself from the bi community with the concept that bisexual individuals are attracted to more than one gender while pansexual individuals are attracted to others regardless of gender.

Pansexual pride flag pan pride flag

Polysexual Pride Flag

Polysexual can distinguished from pansexual in that it is attraction to many genders but not necessarily all genders.

Polysexual pride flag

Intersex Pride Flag

The intersex pride flag uses yellow, a color without gender stereotypes.

Intersex pride flag

Asexual Pride Flag

Also known as “ace” the asexual community experiences little to no sexual attraction to others. An asexual individual may or may not experience romantic attraction.

Asexual pride flag ace pride flag

Demisexual Pride Flag

Demisexual individuals only experience sexual attraction after establishing a close emotional relationship.

Demesexual pride flag

Demiromantic Pride Flag

Demiromantic individuals only experience romantic attraction after establishing a close emotional relationship.

Demiromantic pride flag

Aromantic Pride Flag

An aromantic individual will experience little or no romantic feelings towards others. The green in the aromantic flag is the opposite of red, a color associated with romance.

Aromantic pride flag

Genderfulid Pride Flag

Genderfluid refers to those that don’t have a fixed gender identity but rather their gender identity might change over time.

Genderfluid pride flag

Nonbinary Pride Flag

Also know as “enby” (Pronouncing the letters N and B) Nonbinary is perhaps the most common term for those that do not identify as either male or female but rather identify outside male and female binary terms.

Nonbinary pride flag

Genderqueer Pride Flag

Similar to nonbinary but also different are genderqueer individuals who embrace non-normative queer gender identities. This distinction is sometimes seen as more political, challenging power structures.

Genderqueer pride flag

Agender Pride Flag

Agender means lack of gender. Agender people generally see them as neither man nor woman, or both.

Agender pride flag

Abrosexual Pride Flag

Abrosexual refers to a person who’s sexuality is changing or fluid. This can refer to the intensity of attraction and/or their orientation.

Abrosexual pride flag Abro pride flag

Polyamory Pride Flag

Polyamory refers to those who have more than one romantic and/or sexual relationship at the same time. It is distinguished from polygamy in that all relationships have informed consent.

Polyamory pride flag

Bear Pride Flag

The bear brotherhood celebrates the traits such as growth of body hair and facial hair. Traits associated with bears.

Bear Pride Flag

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