Harry Potter Book Covers Free Printables

Print these free printable Harry Potter book covers  to decorate for a Harry Potter party.

Harry Potter Book Covers Free Printables. Print these for your Harry Potter Hogwarts themed party for easy decor. Fun and cheap Harry Potter decorations.

Harry Potter Book Covers Free Printables

My friend and I just hosted a Harry Potter dinner that was SO FUN! One of the easiest items of decor were these Harry Potter book covers. I purchased a package of parchment paper like this paper on amazon. I tried to find parchment paper in a craft store and they only had 16×16 pages which would have been a pain to print on. Office depot had parchment paper but it was $20 or more for this paper that you can get on amazon for under $10 (price may change). I loved having the 100 pack because I used the paper for invitations, posters, bottle labels, and the mauraderer’s map menus that we printed. (See the link to those ideas below). We trimmed the paper after printing these to the size of the book we wanted to use and taped the cover to the outside of the book. Side note: If you want to see some more Harry Potter ideas from our Harry Potter party check out these 15 Harry Potter Party Ideas!

You can also purchase a bunch of Harry Potter books besides just Harry Potter. Some of my favorite options are:

or get the Hogwarts library individually.

Harry Potter party ideas for easy decor. Throw an amazing Harry Potter birthday party like you are a Wizard from Hogwarts.

15 Harry Potter Party Ideas

Side note, there are some seriously cool Harry Potter things on Amazon. These are some of my faves but there are loads more. (Yes I’m trying to sound like Ron).


It is likely the book cover will not wrap all the way around the book. But you will be stacking them up on top of each other so you won’t see the front of most of the books. You can place them high enough so that you can’t see the top book or put something else on the top of the stack of books like the quill feather pen that we made. Or for the book that will be on top use an extra piece of paper to cover the entire book.


Here’s the link to Hermione’s time turner necklace.


Print {Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them} here

Print { The Standard Book of Spells } here

Print { The Handbook of Do-It-Yourself Broomcare } here

Print { One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi } here

Print { Intermediate Transfiguration } here

Print { The Tales of Beedle the Bard } here

Print { Advanced Rune Translation } here

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Print { The Encyclopedia of Toadstools } here

Print { Advanced Potion Making } here

Print { Curses & Counter-Curses } here

Print { A History of Magic 1 } here

Print { A History of Magic 2 } here

Print { Defensive Magical Theory } here

Print { The Dark Forces } here

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This parchment paper on amazon is by far the cheapest I could find including craft stores and office stores. It makes the book covers and other Harry Potter items you might print look amazing!

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  1. The “Harry Potter Book Covers Free Printables” on Paper Trail Design is a fantastic resource for any Harry Potter fan looking to add a magical touch to their book collection or party decor. The idea of printing these covers on parchment paper is ingenious, giving the books an authentic, aged look that’s perfect for creating a Hogwarts library feel. It’s like a creative IQ test for Potterheads, challenging them to bring the wizarding world to life in their own space. The detailed instructions and the variety of covers available make this DIY project accessible and enjoyable for fans of all ages. Great job on providing such a fun and unique way to celebrate our love for Harry Potter!

  2. I want to say I love the content but not the blog. There are three pop ups and so many ads that it is hard to get to the meat. I come for the content but leave because of the ads.

  3. Thank so much! My daughter and I love Harry Potter! She has a few wands she likes to keep on display, and these will be a nice addition! A little tip – if you have access to a laser printer, you can print on plain paper, and then tea stain it. Just boil some tea, place paper in a baking dish, and pour tea over the paper and let sit until desired look is achieved. Carefully remove the paper and let dry. I’ve done this many times and love the results. You may be able to use an inkjet printer, but it may run – be sure to let the ink dry for several days before attempting to be safe.

  4. Hi, these are amazing. Are you able to share a non-jpeg version of this so I can just have the text to print onto a parchment background I.e. on word or PowerPoint (to save buying parchment paper) or a transparent image?

  5. Thankyou so much. It’s so generous of you to share all these great printables. My daughter is going to have an amazing 7th Birthday Harry Potter style!!

  6. Thanks for the printable book covers!!! I found 8.5×14 legal paper on Amazon that’s printed to look like papyrus and they turned out SO cute!! The longer paper also covered the entire covers of the books. I saved the downloaded images to my desktop then inserted them into a word document so I could crop and adjust the image to fit my larger paper. I absolutely love these!

  7. Hi, really appreciate sharing all these great resources, time saver !!
    you mention you did print on parchemin paper, but all pics are jpg, hence not transparent… how did you manage to keep the parchemin background if printing all white on top ?
    Again thx for the post, amazing 🙂

  8. I want to thank you so much for making these accessible and easy to use and download. I am planning on my own a harry potter themed birthday party for my daughter’s 11th birthday. Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!

    • I used a craft paper that only looked like parchment paper because it had a parchment design on it because the real parchment was much more expensive. At the time I didn’t realized how much cheaper parchment paper can be on Amazon. I can’t find it anywhere. But I think actual parchment paper would actually look more authentic. My paper did have a goldish hue to it. Hopefully that helps.

  9. You can actually buy the tales of the beetle and the bard book, in case anyone’s interested in the stories

    Love these! My boyfriend and I are moving in together, and each own our own books, now the doubles will get a new name =)

    • Holy moly. I made this before the movie was a big thing and hadn’t even thought of that! Excellent suggestion! I just added it to the list at the top.

  10. I absolutely LOVE the parchment paper book covers. However, online it said “free printables”. How do I print these out?

    • Hi Darlene! The links to the various book covers are below. Click on them to access the images. I find it easiest and get best results when I open the image, drag it to my desktop, and then print from them.

        • Hi Marjorie. If you scroll down there are links to different book covers. Click each link and the book cover will open in a new window. From there it’s best to download the image to your computer. It’s easiest to just drag and drop the image to your desktop and then open it from there and print it. I hope that helps out enough!


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